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  North Vancouver Guitar Lessons 

Children thrive in music lesson environments because of the feedback they receive, encouraging them to grow.

Taking Guitar Lessons in North Vancouver is essential for your child, the guitarist, to:

  • continue music lessons for years to come.

  • be eager to practice and show their work in class

  • build excellent learning and communication habits that will last a lifetime

Open to all skill levels.

To learn more, click here and book a free one-on-one introductory guitar lesson in North Vancouver!

  Guitar Lessons for Girls 

Look no further - for a girl who wants to learn to play the guitar, it's important to find a teacher who really understands how to

  • create a lesson environment where she feels secure

  • give instruction on EXACTLY how to play the music she likes

  • support her big dreams and musical goals!

This is a rare opportunity for a girl guitarist to build confidence and empowerment under the guidance of a female professional guitarist and instructor.

Open to all skill levels.

Click the button to book a free introductory session in North Vancouver!

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