• Are you a busy parent, looking for a meaningful after-school or weekend activity for your children, only minutes from your home?

  • Do you want your child to have a strong advantage in their education, inside and outside their school classroom?

  • Would you like your child to learn NOT ONLY music, but dedication and learning to work well with others?

North Vancouver Guitar Lessons are the most convenient and holistic way to learn to play guitar.


If you want the best education possible for your child, book an introductory free guitar lesson in North Vancouver with me now!

Children are musical from the moment they are born - singing, dancing, playing with sound. It is up to us adults to teach them how to use this skill to benefit themselves and make connections with humanity.

If you have always wanted your child to learn how to play an instrument - and KEEP playing it, FOR LIFE! - but never knew how to make that happen, look no further!!


My mission is to give your child, the budding guitarist, the best opportunity to learn the guitar: Starting from day one, continuing for the rest of their life!

At the free session you will receive:

  • A checkup on your guitar (or I will show you how to find a great guitar!)

  • A full guitar lesson and goal assessment, tailored just for you!

  • Your intro package with everything you need to get started!

All FREE of charge!!

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